FREITAG – F49 FRINGE Backpack from FREITAG lab. ag on Vimeo.

Wow, this brand-new clip for FREITAG’s F49 FRINGE Back-to-School-Back-Pack made me stop and look. It’s been shot in their factory building in the heart of Zurich. The lighting and overall atmosphere is quite intriguing. They explain their somewhat somber tone in the video in that ‘because there’s no tougher hood than schoolyards, it was tested to the fringe of sadism’. Whoever manages to tear up this backpack clearly should be dispensed from school.

Two thumbs up to the team over at Zwei Hund. Well done!

Oh, and for all of you NYC folks: Did you know that FREITAG opened a store in the Lower East Side? Right across the street from the New Museum! You should go in and say hi to Sascha who runs it!

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  1. The animal abuse in this video is inexcusable. Two thumbs up? I don’t think so.

  2. Haha random, of course there has to be a Llama in there somewhere…

  3. No animals where killed during the shooting.

  4. Freitag rules and the llama too!!