Love What You Do

As if Mailchimp couldn’t make me love them any more, they keep doing it! Check out this Mailchimp Coloring Book drawn by @justinpervorse.

I was lucky enough to receive an actual printed copy of the coloring book and I can’t wait to show it to my daughter! Who wouldn’t want to color in a chimp?

When I thanked Ben, the founder of Mailchimp, he filled me in on why they made them to begin with. Apparently, the marketing team, without Ben’s say, added a small line at the bottom of their site that says “Love What You Do” which some people perceived as Mailchimp’s tagline. I, in fact, have noticed that line and pointed out to several people as I thought sending such a simple powerful message in something trivial as the footer was a fantastic idea.

So, when Ben read someone’s tweet mentioning their ‘tagline’, he was first confused, worried and then maybe a little angry that nobody had talked to him about it. He quickly realized that it was in fact spot on so he pretended to be angry and walked over to his design lab and marketing group. He figured he should get something in return for this ‘rogue action”… He walked in and told them that if they were going to come up with this sorta stuff without consulting with him, they now have to make me a coloring book, called “Love What You Do.”

The design lab staff looked at him in a weird, confused kinda way, but then they smiled and got to work.

And funny enough, they actually had *nothing* to do with this, as Ben found out later. He realized that it most probably was an idea by his UXTeam. So he reached out to Aaron Walter via chat, to clarify the situation:

You can read about it all over on theirMailchimp blog. I can’t help but think that working at Mailchimp must be quite a pleasurable experience.

(enter big smile here)

Do you have a little one? Then you should download the PDF of the coloring book.

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  1. Love this post. Well done and a great way to remind people how important passion is!

  2. This is such a cute idea!

  3. Lovely story! :) It’s also a great reminder. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. gotta agree, must be a hoot to work for them…