Email is on my mind, first the Email Charter, now Shortmail: Shortmail is a length-limited simple email service meant to make your email experience effective and efficient. All Shortmail messages must be less than 500 characters. Limiting messages to 500 characters puts the burden of conciseness onto senders. Blaise Pascal famously said, “If I had more time I would write a shorter letter.” Because the messages are so short, Shortmail is able to present them in a more conversational layout.

I am excited about this idea, but not necessarily about having to use someone elses service/platform. I wish it would work like a ‘layer that sits ontop of my own domain’. But nevertheless, this is most definitely a step in the right direction and I’ll give it a try.

Claim your Shortmail Address. It just launched yesterday, so chances are good you get what you’re hoping for. Quick!

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  1. Tina, it’s one of these Yet Another Clever Ideas (YACL™) that would have been nice to have around if only the collective we could find a way to convince the collective we to behave in this—or any other for that matter—prescribed all-beneficent manner. Length of individual messages is, indeed, one factor working against them, but there are many more grave ones, like semantical coherence to begin with, that stand no hope of ever being implemented. So why bother with another artificial layer on propriety on top of barely managed entropy that is the email of today?

    [The best thing I can say about shortmail’s concept is that it is tied to one’s twitter handle, thus preventing anyone else from claiming that account-ID for herself – I PRESUME it does that.]

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea! I am way too wordy and even my business emails are too lengthy. This would be a great feature for me…

    IF…we were able to adjust the character limit.

    Five-hundred characters is pretty long. I’d like to limit myself to 300. I am sure I can script my own email client to do that…I’m gonna try.

    But this is a nice step.

  3. i’ve been living the creed for a while now, and find that it is probably the best limit for email, ever.

    the only exception is email as meeting minutes where the detail as bullet-list items into 7 sections for attendee, summary, discussion, decisions, open issues, tasks, and attachments