Agenda iPhone App

Agenda is a stunningly minimal looking alternative to the built in iPhone calendar app. And it obviously is meant to look similar to an old style paper desk calendar. I’ll give it a try!

(via minimal mac)

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  1. Looks very similar to Calvetica! (

  2. It’s pretty. Unfortunately, it’s also awfully sluggish.

  3. Great way to organize..the look is great

  4. Looks really nice, but I’d have to be able to sync it with my Gmail Calender to make it multifunctional. I didn’t notice any sync options in the App Store description.

  5. I will see how I like it! I do like the simplicity of the lay out.

  6. Beautiful. But, I have multiple gmail calendars and would also have to sync.

  7. I was a little worried about the syncing too, but it was so pretty and only $.99 so I bought it anyways. Nice to find out that it simply syncs with Apple Calendar, so it shares all the information you have there, Birthdays, Google, Exchange, everything.

  8. another winning recommendation, thanks for this one. it is glorious.

    @Kenny, when I downloaded and installed the app it automagically synced the calendars I already had set to sync in the stock iPhone calendar app.

  9. Thanks for the tip Tina! This is a great app.

  10. IPad version?

  11. Not very function and also too simplistic. Also, too many clicks involved to get from monthly view into event details.

  12. Need Android version please.

  13. second the Android version

  14. iPad version available now! Looks great but is missing some functionalities which hopefully will be implemented at one point in time.

  15. Hi!

    Thanks for a nice looking cal!
    I wonder if you will release a version in swedish?