Smart UI Design

Now here’s a User Interface Detail that made me look: When you right click the logo on the Akismet site, it shows you a dialogue offering you different high resolution versions of the logo. Brilliant! Probably something only designer-types understand!

(via chris glass)

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  1. Not really a fan. It’s clever, yes, but it removes a number of other actions I may have wanted to take (e.g. copy link location, open link in new tab, bookmark link).

  2. I suppose it depends on the website and the company. Where I work, a large industrial corporation, we end up with the occaissional misuses of our logo that we try to prevent via identity standards in a variety of mediums. Some colleagues have tried to be more tight fisted about who gets high res logo artwork etc, as a response to this, where as I have always thought, someone is going to find a way to use the logo whether you like it or not, so why not make the correct versions easily available. It does hinder some browser functionality, but I think its quite elegant.

  3. It’s cute, but not smart. How would you ever know this if you were looking for their logo?

  4. @Kai I’m guessing you have never had to hunt logos down. thats the 1st place I go!

    For people like myself always hunting for manufacture logos of the product s my company sells this is little feature is AWESOME!

    WOW man o man if everyone did this wow what a time saver/headache free day I could have.

    Putting this on my to do list so I can save some one else a headache or 2.

  5. When I click on the SwissMiss logo it leads me to the home page. I believe this is a common and reasonable expectation for at least 99% of your visitors and I see no reason to change this.

  6. It doesn’t change that? It’s a right click.

  7. Too beautiful. Creativity beyond the limits of thought. I like the set.

  8. Nice little feature :)

  9. Great! I’m a designer-type ;-)

  10. Glad you appreciated this little detail, Tina. We implemented the same thing on as well. Regarding the questions above: we found that no matter how easy we tried to make it to download a high-quality logo, 99% of the time people would just download the logo they saw on the homepage. Since the first thing they try to do is right-click to save it, we thought we’d help things along a bit. Our Mobile apps designer Isaac Keyet developed the solution.

  11. It’s not nice.. i’d like the DOS-Style back ;)