Vintage Eberhard Faber Ruby Erasers

A vintage beauty: 1940s Vintage Eberhard Faber Ruby Eraser Box, by Christian Montone.

(via Luc Latulippe)

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  1. Love them, and find myself really wanting to touch them. Don’t know why!

  2. I know those erasers are probably hard and scratchy and awful, but the LOOK so lovely!

  3. They smell very rubbery… and are a lot of fun to look at. They have a slightly hardened texture, but were well preserved. The box of erasers was an excellent “new old stock” gift from one of my good friends. Glad you guys are enjoying them! –CDM

  4. Love this vintage look…these would look great as decoration for a vintage desk!

  5. They’re actually on the top of a vintage wire gum and magazine rack in my home. They sit among tins of watercolor and vintage boxes of crayons.