Bosch Fridge Manual 1963

I just stumbled upon an amazing collection of Book and Design related Flickr Sets by German based Design Professor Michael Stoll. This Bosch Fridge Manual Set from 1963 made me chuckle. Or check out this Flight Thru Instruments book from 1945, describing different (military) techniques of flight in a profusely illustrated manner. Or this Corporate Identity Brochure from 1972 about the City of Munich.

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  1. Oh, this is beautiful! Vintage graphic design is a true piece of Art in my humble opinion.Nothing to do with the boring instructions they deliver now.

    The book collection looks awesome, he must own a treasure there! :)

  2. I love Bosch appliance. First I thought it was Germany engineering but now I know it’s Swiss. They are compact arts and beautiful also strong. Thanks Bosch.

  3. What a beautiful classic manual! It looks like if it was hand made. Thanks for digging out.