An in-depth infographic on how much sunscreen you should wear by Information is Beautiful.

(via coudal)

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  1. People,
    It is a bit curious that you did not investigate the Australian experience in sunscreens and sun protection. We have the highest rates of sun cancers in the world, primarily due to Caucasian skins in a tropical/subtropical climate. Most Australians use a 50 SPF sun screen, and trust me it works.

  2. Thanks for the breakdown…very well done!

  3. Would love to see this turned into a mobile app that sends me notifications like “It is 3:12pm, please use your index and middle finger to apply SPF 15 sunscreen to your left thigh for 6 minutes.”.

  4. Soo informative! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. I would love some recommendations on which brands to use after this extensive explanation of good and bad qualities of sunscreen. Of course I understand it’s not an advertisement—but a simple conclusion on safe brands would make my time standing in target looking at sunscreens significantly shorter, and yes I am lazy.

  6. Awesome chart. What about sun protective clothing? I just bought Mott 50 tunics – … Sounds like a cool coverup solution!!

  7. I had an incidence of emerging melanoma excised in May. My Dr recommended anything with zinc oxide and I found it at. CVS Pharmacy It’s called CVS Pharmacy 45+ Sunscreen with clear zinc oxide…comes in a white tube with a yellow cap. Doesn’t contain any of the “dangerous” ingredients mentioned above. I’ve used it all summer and it’s great. No sunburn at all. Of course if you’re a sun-worshiper, you won’t tan either…but I don’t care about that. I highly recommend it for safe sun time.

  8. Awesome representation of sunscreen complication! UV protective clothing is a simple, fun, slip-on-and-go solution but sunscreen is necessary too. EWG is a great source for sunscreen recommendations