GIF Shop

GIF SHOP – How-To from Daniel Savage on Vimeo.

When I started out in the web world, animated GIFs were all the rage. I therefore fully embrace, with a somewhat nostalgic notion, apps like the GIF Shop. It let’s you easily create and edit animated GIFs right from your iPhone. Oh, the fun that will be had with our little Ella!

(thank you Daniel)

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  1. way cool!

  2. quality! the only thing is, if you send a MSM, when you go back to mesaages, its bloody slow to type – have to delete! But great fun!

  3. Looks pretty cool.

  4. * that is: delete that message – not the app! Love the app!

  5. The possibilities of smiles from this app! Way to much fun!

  6. I have and use Figgif for animated gif. Very low profile and easy to use. It adds a bit of humor to every short video:

  7. I use but this looks pretty awesome as well.