Crawling Knee Pads

These crawling knee pads for babies and toddlers made me smile. Reminds me of the days when I played volleyball.

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  1. Toddlers don’t require knee pads; IMO, this is a product to separate gullible parents from their money…

  2. Maybe they sell hamster bubbles for the kids to roll around in. Assuming there is some sort of a brake to keep the kids from actually rolling.

  3. Oh please, let those kids be kids and get scuffed up!!! My 3 year old is perpetually bruised and scratched up and happy as a clam. Just stick a Dora (or whatever) band-aid on if necessary and all is well.

  4. oh this can’t be good. babies need to crawl on hard surfaces to develop their knee cap (patella bone).

  5. I think it would help for the babies to avoid bruises and for some mother they don’t want to let their baby get hurt .

  6. Ummmm… no.

    Not only are these ridiculously tacky looking, they are totally unnecessary. Kids don’t need pads while learning to crawl or walk. Thank god I grew up in the 70s!

  7. good grief people, relax. they’re goofy and cute! i’m a fan

  8. everyone’s missing the point. this is what babies should wear when they’re going to the roller skate park. duh.

  9. i think they are adorable and I am trying to figure out which new mom I can gift these too!

  10. wow, i need these for my 2 year old daughter! lovely!

  11. my baby will like this so much

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  13. This is a brilliant idea, I only wish I would have thought of it. For those of you that have posted negatively you forget or just don’t realize there are children with special needs that cannot walk and their only means of travel is by chair or crawling. I’m going to buy several pair for my four year old daughter with spina bifida whose knees get scratched and bleed from crawling’so next time you make a statement like you have here make sure you remember that there are children with special needs!