Hipster Lorem Ipsum

Hipster Ipsum offers artisanal filler text for your site or project. Made me smile.

(via bltd)

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  1. Well that`s a great (and funny) tool, no more lorem ipsum, thanks!

  2. i don’t usually comment on anything, but i wanted to say something.
    it isn’t nice to stereotype anyone. at all. ever. in any format. even on something as mundane as a lorem ipsum text generator. it makes people feel insecure and stifles creativity. i feel constantly targeted as a “hipster” because i like art and have a connection with the earth, and i’m sick of it. how would you like it if i called you a yuppie?

  3. @anonymous: take a chill pill. the fact that they call it a “hipster” ipsum means they’re trying to be tongue in cheek.

    i will say, this is totally not appropriate to use in client materials. they have swear words in there. the tone of it is a little too much not to mention a lot of these will be dated in like, oh a year if they haven’t expired already.

    side not: i’m proud to be a yuppy.

  4. This is more cute than useful because the word length and character distribution is not similar to a real text – unlike in the classical lorem ipsum (see also http://www.loremipsum.de/).

    @Lisa: +1

  5. OMG I can’t stop laughing.

  6. This is just funny, i think i’ve found a new dummy text bookmark.

  7. Why is Spock a hipster?