Inker Linker

The Inker Linker site is a perfect example on why I love the internet. Inker Linker lets you easily find a printer near you. Hat tip to the fabulous Jessica Hische for yet another fabulous addition to the interwebs.

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  1. Yes! This is going on my bookmarks bar and I’m sure will be a saving grace on many a last-minute “$%#! We ran out of fliers!”

  2. awesome! I was looking (unsuccessfully) for a printer this morning.

  3. Woo hoo! Just added us… looks awesome :)

  4. What a cool idea! Jessica Hische is always doing something fabulous….

  5. Brilliant! Actually need this site today. Though not too many listings for the San Jose area yet.

    Another good one Miss Hische!

  6. Thank you for posting! This is great!

  7. Hope this makes it to Australia, fantastic idea!