Kitchenware that made me smile

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of these Kitchen Utensils over at designed by Raia Studio. From left to right: Sud Green Dish Brush, Gaby Green Cheese Grater and Marshall Green Potato Masher. For the next three days you can get them over at Fab.

I admit though, that I am afraid my kids would want to play with them, not ideal, especially in the case of the grater.

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  1. This makes cooking and cleaning seem a lot more fun! Great look :)

  2. pylones has a much more colourful range!
    check it out!

  3. These are really cute and I agree that my very young grand-kids would have great fun with them. Not long ago someone gave m a one-of-a-kind three-part knitted Tabasco sauce bottle cover. It looks like a Mexican sitting with a serape wrapped around him and a big sombrero over his head. It is very colorful as a centerpiece. You would never know it covers the hot sauce.

  4. I’m perusing your archives as I find this.
    My wife gave me a number of these a few years back and we leave them on a shelf above where the children can reach and they only use them under close supervision.