As swimming in rivers is big in Switzerland, the invention of the Wickelfisch makes total sense: The Wickelfisch is a waterproof bag that allows you to take your belongings with you, while you go for a swim. Why would you want to do that? Well, as the stream in a river makes you float away from where you started out it is oftentimes not possible to get back to your belonging all that quickly and easily.

Hat tip off to the designer. At this point you can only get it in selected stores in Switzerland, listed here (all in German). There’s a contact email over here.

(thank you Jaqueline)

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  1. we do this all the time with a waterproof bag and long cord. don’t see how this falls under “design”

  2. I was in Basel last week, when it was very hot and saw lots of people with these floating down the Rhine. I think it’s very clever and immediately wanted one. Thanks for the link!

  3. I saw people using things like this in Bern last summer. I thought it was genius!

  4. It’s a dry bag. Useful for a wide variety of water sports and available in a whole range of sizes and form factors.

  5. Oh I love those! My friend has one and I’m super jealous!

  6. Btw, no place stocks them in Suisse romande?x

  7. Ohhhh. This is so Basel in summertime!!!

  8. This is awesome! On our last beach vacation, my boyfriend and I had to take turns sitting with the stuff on the beach (ie, wallets and super expensive camera) so no one would steal it, and never got to play in the ocean together.

    Brilliant. Thanks for posting!

  9. Need to have for this :

    PS: Aar was over 22°C last week … gorgeous !

  10. Can any one tell how to buy one please, I’m in UK,thank you