British General P.O. Phones

I remember when my parents taught me how to call their office number on our rotary phone.

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  1. numbers with lots of zeros were the worst…. :P

  2. I would love to give one of these to a 13 year old and ask them to make a call. :)

  3. My parents in Europe still have a similar rotary phone:)

  4. Second row, the all white/cream model on the right – I grew up with that at my parents house – it was terribly traumatic when they had to be switched to a’modern’ push button phone a few years ago!

  5. What a cool post! I’d love some of those old phones! classics

  6. My favorite is the Ericsson Dialog Telephone – love the typeface

  7. I’m sorry, some things were better back in the day. Well, at least they looked better anyway. As for functionality, let’s not discuss it.

  8. Xurmat Xara: We second that.

  9. Love the photo- I would hang it on my wall :)

  10. Love the vintage look – these are great