Brooklyn Brainery

Brooklyn Brainery offers community-driven classes on anything and everything. Anyone can teach–you just need a passion for the topic and a desire to share it with others. Here are some of their current classes that made me look: Cutting Hair, Design for non designers, Foreign Alphabets and Beginning Calligraphy.

Love that they are right down the street from my house. The concept of learning by people in my community makes me so happy. Somebody warn my kids, I just signed up for the Cutting Hair class.

(thank you Cameron)

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  1. I love Brooklyn Brainery! I just saw the Hair Cutting class too.. Hoping my Mom might take it with me. I have taken one class there but am excited to take many more.

  2. Brooklyn Brainery was actually founded by a classmate of mine from college. How exciting to see it get the ‘swissmiss bump’! It is truly a great model, run by great people!