German Military Utensil Set

This German Military Surplus Utensil Set is impressive. It even entails a bottle opener.

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  1. Yeah, still got one of those. I’ve never been in the german army, but this tool was a must have when we went on camping holidays when we were kids (in the late seventies / early eighties – o my).
    Back then we seldom used the bottle opener, but it got a can opener as well (Ravioli galore).

  2. Ah. Very handy set.

    But… Does anybody really know how to use the can opener? It has been a great mystery to me :)

  3. Well, you can come to our place and I’ll show you ;) … it took me some time (and a few demolished cans) to figure it out. Surely it’s not a state of the art can opener, but if you’re (really) hungry, it does the job. :D

  4. Love the vintage look and feel.

  5. Got it for my trip around the world. And..what would I do without it? The only thing that bugs me is … how heavy it is. Seriously heavy!

  6. As to how to use the can opener, you use the “hook” to get under the outer rim of the can and force the straight bit into the can top, cutting off the lid, albeit slowly. A superior can opener is the “John Wayne”, P38 (if memory serves) US issue can opener as it can move allot faster and takes up almost no space when not in use.

    I have three sets of these German utensil sets. I only wish they made a version in titanium to reduce the weight. Mine have been a fixture in my packs ever since I first got one. I know of know other utensil kit this well thought out and constructed.