LED Bicycle Light

These detachable LED bike lights made me look. Stockholm-based Bookman considered the essentials: color block shape, cuved underside, oversized rubber button and a groove for the attaching elastic cord. Three flashing modes: slow, fast and steady. The front light flashes white; the taillight is red.

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  1. Cute, but underpowered. Planet Bike makes some of the best/most efficient bike lights I’ve ever owned.

  2. $30 seems steep for a set of lights featuring a single LED in each – they do certainly look nice though.

  3. my $1.5 light set looks and works almost the same, but it’s design smarter because the front one is black and the rear one is red.

  4. and it’s only $1.50? so what’s the brand?!

  5. checkout knog lights, half the price and way brighter: http://www.knog.com.au/gear-lights/frog-strobe.phps

  6. Millions of Dutch bikers already have these small led lights, 4 euros a piece. http://j.mp/nfaxdt

  7. HEMA? You guys need an “Action” overthere ;-)… 89 cts for a pack of 2 :-)

  8. You know what would be even cooler on a bike? Brakes.

    I hear that they are all the rage. All the cool kids have brakes on their bikes nowadays. What’s the use of lights on a bike if you don’t have brakes? Is that so the motorist can see you before you run into him at an intersection because you don’t have brakes?

  9. Where can I buy the led light
    Thanks Norma

  10. i bet these would work really well for telling drivers they’re about to run over a poorly-lit cyclist in the next moment.

    can we start calling these teensy things deathlights?

  11. They sell something similar for 2 euros in Hema, a dutch store (which we also have in Belgium), but they don’t look as good as these do!

  12. BikeLits look better I think:

    But if manufacturers could throw in a lock button so they don’t turn on in your bag accidentally, I’d consider buying some.

    For now my dinky Blackburn Fleas are doing me proud and charge via USB. They have four LEDs too, and cost about as much as these.

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