I am impressed with the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. I just watched their demos and it looks sturdy and easy to pack. Impressive!

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  1. We have one and LOVE it. Easy to use and relatively compact when collapsed.

  2. I have one, and I love it!
    It’s lightweighted, easy to unpack and easy to pack! In the bag is even room for blankets and small toys. And it can easily be used until the age of three or even four!

  3. does the man nanny come with it??? =)

  4. seems to have a lot dna from the phil&teds traveller.

    btw: i wonder why they didn’t sell the babybjoern cradle in the us?

  5. We have one and love it as well. Super easy but my favorite bit is that the cushion actually seems comfy – those things are often no better than thick cardboard.

  6. We have one and have used it on multiple road trips, overnights at the grandparents’, and one international trip. It’s lightweight, easy to bring on the plane (it’s small enough that it counts as carry on luggage), and really really easy to assemble and take apart. One downside – it’s NOT cheap. But definitely worth it if you travel a lot.

  7. best piece of baby / toddler ever purchased. It pricey compared to the other offerings on the market but the speed to set it up, light weight and easy of use make up for that. My 2 year old daughter loves sleeping in it.

  8. the traveller from phil&teds goes with nearly helf the weight and follows since more than two years all of our journeys:
    it is a perfect thing, altough not cheap – as all the kids stuff…

  9. Phil N Teds is More compact. Have Traveled with this one, and not easy to lug through a subway With a bag and baby.

  10. Much, much cheaper, just as light and couldn’t be easier to set up:
    (Yes, horrible website, but the travel bed is worth its weight in gold…)

  11. Have had one for the last year and love it. Easy to transport and my daughter sleeps great in it.

  12. Like most other posters…we have one and LOVE it. Always nice to have a baby item or two that actually looks nice.

  13. Agree with Anneke – the pop-up tent is an awesome travel alternative. Our daughter likes it so much, we have used it instead of buying her a toddler bed. Plus, when you whip it out over a long layover at the airport, ALL the kids want in.

  14. I have not tried this one but i am definitely thinking about it though its price ($$$). but they look so nice…