Drawer Shelf

What if your dresser could also transform into a shelf? Meet the Drawer Shelf, designed by Keiji Ashizawa. It gets my two thumbs up!

(via ignant)

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  1. not sure i get it. why not just build a dresser in the shelf configuration? how often will this be reconfigured in it’s lifetime? it’s not like it can be reconfigured on the fly without knocking everything off the shelf.

  2. I really like this design. Will be sure to feature it too. Reconfiguring would take all of a minute or so, depending on what you have on each shelf. Nice work from Ashizawa.

  3. +1 on comment “A”
    -1 on comment “B”

    It’s cool looking but not functional in the least. You’ll use it as one or the other.

  4. I love it because if you have a narrower space, you can use it “closed” and then if you have, or move it to, a wider space, voila! shelves!

  5. I think what you are missing d3tsui & O Bloody Hell is that it is customizable to fit each users needs and desires, and is not necessarily meant to be adjusted every week. I agree that if that were the case, this design would not be the best solution, but when was the last time you adjusted the shelves in your Billy bookcase from IKEA.

    The design is meant to invite the user to be part of the design, giving them more of a feeling of “ownership” in the final product.

    Just my two cents.

  6. I like this very much.Thanks for your post.