Treshr is a brand new site project by S7 Labs that makes it easy to give things away, or, the other way around, find free stuff. (It drives me absolutely crazy to see what perfectly fine items people here in NYC are putting the trash!) Everyone has stuff they don’t need anymore. Maybe your child outgrew their old clothes, or you moved to a new place and have old furniture to get rid of. Whatever it is you’re looking for, someone somewhere is trying to throw it away. Treshr, basically a search engine for Freecycle, is here to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Feel free to explore on the map to see what people near you are giving away. If you have something specific in mind, type it into the search bar, and they’ll only show you what you’re looking for.

Make an account with them (it’s quick and simple) and you can post offers, save the things you’re looking for, and even receive email notifications when someone near you posts something you want, and it’s all fully customizable of course.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Fantastic! Treshr

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  1. Genius! Thank you! I hate literally wasting my stuff when I know it could be so well-used by others.

    I do my best to recycle/donate all my perfectly good old stuff I no longer want but it is incredibly hard to do so outside of an urban area. FYI, in the NYC region Housing Works also accepts a whole plethora of items that it sells to help support its mission, as do other thrift store/not-for-profits, but HW sites are pretty accessible.

  2. I know!! we just dispose things for the pleasure of getting other stuff, I think is great we can buy new things and give the old ione to someone who’ll value them as if they were new ;)

  3. Free bed bugs.

  4. I’ve used Craigslist’s “Free” category to give away stuff in the past — books mostly.

    A dedicated site is good too. Treshr seems a bit too regional right now, being focused mainly around NYC and some Washington and San Fran, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

  5. Yo soy de Isabela Puerto Rico y resido con mi mamita con alzheimer etapa4 y un sobrino-hijo AUTISTA y solo vivimos de el Seguro Social y est se va en pampers (ambos usan) y medicamentos, comidas especiales etc. por eso me gustaria que alguien me regalara un Tv, y un juego de olla de las que no se pega la comida y cosas de cocina y para las camas(QUEEN y FULL. Por favor ayudenme. Dios los Bendiga

  6. Come to little old Utah when you can… PLEASE!

    I have a Armour I need to give away!