Drawing the NYC Marathon

The wonderful Christoph Niemann did the impossible yesterday: He ran *and* live-sketched the NYC Marathon at the same time. He drew with good old analog paper and pencil, then snapped a photo and tweeted it out to the world. I followed his stream with sheer amazement all day. I laughed when he ‘upped the ante’ and pulled out a canvas and oil paint at the end. Gotta love Christoph’s sense of humor. Hat tip!

You might know Christoph Niemann from his NYTimes Abstract Sunday Column, his I LEGO N.Y. book or a CreativeMornings talk I posted a while back.

You can follow his entire Marathon experience on his two twitter accounts: @abstractsunday and @abstractsunday1 (Looks like Twitter has a restriction on how many photo tweets you can upload a day, he had to create a new Twitter account mid-way through)

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  1. >>He ran *and* live-sketched the NYC Marathon at the same time.
    …w-o-w! Must be a great dinner party guest too! :)

  2. very cool. wasn’t oil paint though–it was Acryla gouache.

  3. REALLY enjoyed this! Had to go find his blog so I could follow the whole journey. :)

  4. thanks for sharing this. I went to his blog and followed each sketch. Definitely made me smile on this chilly morning!

  5. 100% truth… Sadly.