Oliver Jeffers, one of my (and my daughter’s) favorite children’s book illustrators, just released a new book. It’s called Stuck. It’s about a determined little boy who wants to get his stuck kite out of a tree. How? Well, by knocking it down with his shoe, of course. But strangely enough, it too gets stuck. And the only logical course of action . . . is to throw his other shoe. Only now it’s stuck! Surely there must be something he can use to get his kite unstuck. An orangutan? A boat? His front door? Yes, yes, and yes. And that’s only the beginning. Ordered!

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  1. It’s a great book, we got it for our 4 yr old a couple of months ago and he loves it, as he does all of Oliver’s books.

  2. I got this for my godson this summer, I loved it thought it was very fun!

  3. Great! Tnx 4 sharing :)

  4. Love his books! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Just got this book for my forthcoming babe. So good, so beautiful!