The Lost Art Of Design Etiquette

Not sure how I missed this fantastic post on The Lost Art Of Design Etiquette by Dan Rose. I especially applaud the ‘name your layers’ portion of the post.

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  1. Yes! Opening old files at my job and see incredibly messy things such as that drives me insane. Or even worse, Illustrator files that are just built poorly by someone who never mastered the Pathfinder tools.

  2. These guys are amazing for version control in PS


  3. I call this the Facebook Generation Syndrome.

    It’s caused by people being exposed to poorly design information such as Facebook on a day to day basis. If you look at bad information design all day long before too long your thinking will adapt.

    In it’s lowest form your Photoshop files are messy… at it’s worst your entire live is a mess.

    Of course you can’t blame the people for it. It lazy designers.

  4. OMG YES! name your layers people – especially when youre passing on files it so much easier for the other designer to manage! :)

  5. Hear, hear!

  6. Yes, yes, yes. I’m a hack designer for years and I’ve had to grow into this out of necessity. I’m aghast when I get files from so-called pro branding firms that look like a mess!!

  7. I actually recall Big spaceship having a great article on organizing layers! I have found it quite useful over the years

  8. Can’t believe I’m just coming across you site! Awesome!

    I’m obsessed with organizing layers but quick question…when you put layers into files, does anyone know how to edit/move the layers individually without selecting the whole layer group? It drives me nuts it selects the whole folder.

  9. Thanks Tina! Don’t be fooled people… she’s a Layer Mayor in her own right!

    I hope everyone continues to keep pursuing higher standards in their craft and recognizing the importance or organization, especially when working together.

  10. omg you have no idea how many times i’ve been passed a file and have spent the first 4 hours re-orging it. how do people work like that?!?