I just spent a good 20minutes on typeeverything.com. Long live Typography.

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  1. this is greeeeeat! thanks! love it.

  2. You design lives too.

  3. Wow. Thanks for the support Tina. The @typeverything team sends love.

  4. Yeah I guess but everything looks the same. Hipster designers are the LEAST inspired people on the planet. It’s all technical skill and no innovation.

    How many scrolly old-timey type treatments do we need? How many cute silk-screened posters about squirrels and antlers need to exist? How many photos of god damn fixies do I need to look at?

    Most “design” blogs (not this one) are just filled with the same stuff that every other wanna be design blog is filled with. A boring blend of macho photos of Bruce Lee and Steve Mcqueen, old-timey type treatments, “distressed” sun-bleached photos of hipster girls in big glasses, stupid threadless-style cutesy clip art and whiskey packaging!

    What art or design can be found in a bunch of people copying each other? I understand that certain design “movements” pop up, but this is no movement, this is uncreative people rehashing what has all ready been done, and not just done already in this decade.

    Put a bird on it.


  5. Hey Listy. I you think that the featured designers on Typeverything are hipsters then you absolutely have no business in making remarks about typography or any design matter whatsoever.
    I recommend you getting one of these: http://tatt.ly/products/haters

  6. Oh, I’m sorry, anyone who has a comment that is not glowing about the state of graphic design is a “hater” and therefore has no right to speak. Yep, be exactly like me or you are not valid.

    OK, I will update my comment and remove the concept of hipsters…

    “Designers are the LEAST inspired people on the planet.”

    Hey, I don’t actually loose sleep over it, I’m just saying there is a SERIOUS problem of people copying each other and barfing out the same work over and over. If you or the rest of the design community doesn’t have a problem with that then fine. I would like to be inspired every once in a while and it’s going to take more than the 100th western-salon-whiskey-wanted-poster-style type treatment I’ve seen that day to do it.

    Graphic design has turned into such a predicable clique and it’s boring. Everyone has their heads so far up Brooklyn’s ass that they can’t see the forest for the ironic mustaches.

  7. Listy, I completely understand where you’re coming from. There is a lot of the same”stuff out there.

    It is very difficult, if not impossible, to create anything unique or original nowadays. I applaud those you try to create something that is the least bit inspiring. Hopefully they can put their own spin or perspective into it. Hopefully they can evolve whatever it is in some form or fashion. I’m sure you’d agree when I say that there are way more terrible designers than there are innovative/considerate ones. I believe Typeverything is trying to showcase the innovative/considerate ones.

    I love typography and would consider myself I type nerd. I see a lot of the same stuff and it often sucks… However, I can appreciate good craft and sometimes I’m even blown away. I wished the latter happened more often. Trends and styes change and all we can do is try to be those do make that change. Instead of trying to complain for change, I try to create for change.

  8. I’m not saying everything on that site is too trendy, there are definitely great pieces posted. I guess I was really just sort of ranting about design blogs and the current state of design in general. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and I don’t remember a time when the artistic point of view has been so narrow. Not just narrow, but narrow with this incredible ego and self-righteousness. You have all these “designers” acting like they are incredible artists when really their skill is being good enough with CS to copy the true innovators. It’s just so boring to see the same 5 themes repeated ad nauseum, and it ruffles my feathers to see it celebrated all the time.

    P.S. I actually do more than “complain,” I create all day, every day :)

  9. testify my soul