Boble Water Filter Jug

Wow, the Bobble Water Jug definitely takes the regular water-filter-jugs to the next level. Can’t speak for it’s usefulness but its a conversation starter.


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  1. It sure is a lot better looking than the filtered water jugs out there. But, I’m really wondering about the quality of the filter – if it filters that fast…I’m not sure it’s really *filtering*…

  2. Hey! I actually got this jug for myself because I HATE my old filter pitcher since it takes forever to filter and took up a ton of room in my tiny fridge. This pitcher is as useful as it is pretty! The water filters through very quickly and tastes as good as my old pitcher. It’s definitely worth the money to get the pitcher! I’m incredibly happy with it!

  3. Drinking water filters are a great investment because this way you can get pure water for the lowest possible price.