CreativeMornings LA/NYC Dec 16th

To celebrate the end of an exciting year for CreativeMornings, we sent out an open call to our amazing audience members to find 6 inspiring CreativeMornings-goers to take the stage in NYC and LA.

Sure enough we received *a lot* fantastic video applications. It was hard to narrow it down to only three per chapter. We caved and added one more speaker to the line up in NYC. Our speakers at next week’s CreativeMornings in LA/NY are: *drumroll*

Edward Boatman of The Noun Project
Shannon Flaherty of Hustle Up
Paul Scrivens of Drawar

Prescott Perez-Fox of Your Business Card Sucks
Catherine Mulbrandon of Visualizing Economics
Larry Legend of
Dan Provost of Studio Neat

For more info on the speakers, head over to our CreativeMornings blog.

Sign up for the NYC chapter opens on monday, december 12th at 11am over at and at 11am Los Angeles time over at

Yay for experiments and for a truly inspiring 2011!

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  1. Hey
    I would to say that I love your blog and I look forward to attending this month creative mornings. Also, the link for Prescott’s website is broken
    theres a “v” before the “http”.

  2. I look forward to “CreativeMornings” in the coming year.