Waving from Atlanta

I am currently sitting at the Mailchimp offices in Atlanta. I flew down here yesterday to see Ben Chestnuts CreativeMornings/Atlanta talk this morning. His talk was insightful and incredibly entertaining, lots of laughs. His slides are quite something and I can’t wait to share them, once the video is done. Just think robots, monkeys, beer, middle fingers and Dilbert. (Yes, all of those things)

Ben is the co-founder of Mailchimp, and known for his unusual approach of running a company of a 100+ employees. In his talk this morning he explained his vision of running a creative business. (Again, can’t wait to post the talk the minute it’s up.)

Ben and his team have turned something as dry as sending newsletters into a fun experience and profitable business. Mailchimp’s is wildly admired. I am obviously a big fan.

So, I admit I am giddy over the fact that I was allowed to see the “land of Mailchimp”. I am excited to be sitting in the middle of the creative team right now, typing this post. This is where all the magic happens.

Soaking it all in and then taking it back to Brooklyn. Watch out, Studiomates.


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  1. I love mailchimp! Fun to see pix of their offices.