A Beauty of a Space Heater

A beautiful space heater? It exists? Oh my! Zach Klein, over on supply, says he owns it and it works well!

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  1. The Dyson Heaters aren’t too shabby either: http://www.dyson.com/fans/heaters.asp

  2. But does it work on Earth?

  3. Dyson heaters are pretty snazzy. Here’s something to consider: Crane sells for $39.99 and Dyson for $399.99.

  4. I have one of these! It works great for small rooms.

  5. It can’t hold a candle to Dyson, which is perfect in both form and function.

  6. It looks like an iPhone app icon!

  7. Beautiful, useful and retroful, is that really a word :)
    Also a 10th of the price of Dyson it seems, works for me.