Bicycle Keychain

This bicycle keychain by Mo Man Tai gets my two thumbs up. It is laser-cut from metal leftovers. It’s not yet linked in their store but and you can find it in their products section.

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  1. It’s in their shop! Yay!

  2. Very neat and cute! As a bike/design guy I appreciate anything with a dual function (keychain and art).

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  3. Kind of hard to order when it’s all in dutch, though…

  4. this will be a great father’s day gift. thanks for sharing!

  5. This is cute. I love the design. Hey! I’m also a avid fun of keychains. Please do visit my site at… Thanks!

  6. Wow! I wish I can have this keychain for my father. He likes keychains especially artistic and unique one. How can we order such things? any info?

  7. Hi! I’d like to order one, asap! Can someone tell me how? :)