This Cycle-Skating video, a sport of 1923, made me smile.

(via the kids should see this)

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  1. How did this ever go out of style??!

  2. That’s what Heelys are today.

  3. I saw the post title before the youtube preview even loaded, and I’m glad it’s exactly what I imagined in my head. :D

  4. My first thought was: “Awesome, this should totally exist today!”. Then I remembered rollerblades…

  5. I like the tricks the last guy was doing – his spawn surely is in the linage of X-games like competitors of the current era, no? ;-P

    also see a modern spin on these old school wheels:

  6. those are so much more graceful than roller blades, because they allow for total ankle movement. beautiful.

  7. Segway can shut up shop! :)

  8. Those things remind me of the Wheelers in Return to Oz