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In september of 2010 I discovered iPhone Doc Dr.Brendan. After a quick email exchange and a description of my ‘patient’ we met up in a hotel lobby in Manhattan. 20 minutes later my iphone looked like new. Impressed by his story I wrote a post about him, which apparently sent a lot of new customers his way. Yay! Well deserved!

I luckily didn’t need Dr.Brendan’s services since, until 2 weeks ago, when my husband dropped his new iPhone 4s in water. Outch! I emailed Dr.Brendan and an hour later, Tony, one of his employees was in our living-room, trying to ‘revive Siri’. But there was no heartbeat! He took “Siri” with him and a few days later, we got a call with good news: Siri was alive and kicking! YAY!

During the short visit at our apartment, I learned that Dr.Brendan since has moved his business out of his living-room and opened two stores. And not only that, he has a whole army employees and they now also fix Macs. I was thrilled to hear that as my 2.5 year old iMac at work was giving me a hard time. Tony, a Dr.Brendan employee, came to promptly pick it up the next day and conveniently brought it back a few days later, fixed. Pick-up and drop-off? Yes, please!

Dr.Brendan and his team not only fix iPhones but now also repair pretty much any Apple device, do data recovery, help you set up your network and much more.

I can’t praise Brendan and his team enough. Go check out his site. And if you live either in the East Village or Park Slope, drop by their shop. And no worries, if you don’t live in NYC, you can ship your patient to Dr.Brendan.

Yay for this wonderful entrepreneurial story.

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  1. We need an LA store, have 2 iphones and 1 macbook in desperate need for some CPR.

  2. I pray for the day he can open a store in Toronto!

  3. If only Dr. Brendan existed in Amsterdam!

  4. Dr. Brendan helped out one of my iPhones early days when he was operating out of his East Village apartment. Glad to see this. Highly recommended!

  5. For next time it falls in water, there is liquipel! http://www.liquipel.com/liquipel/

  6. actually, i was at dr. brendan’s on St. Marks a few months ago getting my iphone repaired and his team told me that you and Design Mom were instrumental in helping to build his business! you guys rock!

  7. $120 for an iphone 4 LCD repair? No thanks. I can get a whole “new” phone fromm the Apple store for $145.

  8. Indeed, Elmas.

    Most praising have likely never shopped around, or went straight from the Apple store to this shop. Find a single laptop repair service on their website you cannot pay 50% less for at any licensed storefront repair shop in a 2 mile radius and I’ll buy you a new Mac of your choice. Upgrades included!