Hang it on Bondi

Bondi is a handy little holder with lots of personality. With its trendy, flexible and colorful design, Bondi has only one purpose – to hold things.

Hang your cellphone from your work out machine while at the gym, use it to prop a book open, attach it to your stroller or bicycle, or make it hold your iPhone while you follow the Google Maps directions when you drive. The possibilities are endless.

One things for sure, my kids would love this little guy.


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  1. Gorgeous domain, ibondi.com

    Shame they didn’t call the product that as well.

  2. i think the top image might be illegal positioning in the US and blocks your view

  3. the book in the pic is in hebrew?:)

  4. yes because bondi BORN in israel

  5. כל הכבוד:)

  6. תודה על הפרגון
    אברהמי ליאור