A Cabin, in Brooklyn

Hey New Yorkers, need a place to go for a staycation? A Cabin in a Loft in Brooklyn is a two-bedroom loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The cabin is available for short-term rental as an alternative to hotels and hostels to those seeking a more local experience of New York.

Made me smile.

(thank you The Design Ark)

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  1. Inteeressante

  2. So much clever in one apartment.

  3. Creative use of space and an authentic experience of a city…Whats not to love!

  4. I wonder what this person does for a living with so much creativity.

  5. I love it! A perfect idea for loft space. I’ve always wanted a loft, but wasn’t satisfied with the fact of little privacy because of no walls. This idea is innovative for space use and privacy, but still maintians the space and character of a loft. Perfect place for college students like myslef.

  6. There’s something I’ve never seen before, it made me look as well! Very creative and fun sense of design.

  7. I just love the design of this cabin so much. This is so cool that this is setup in the city here. So much great comfort that you could get from staying here. http://www.exhibit-solutions.com/