London Cafeterias 50s – 60s

Before chains like Starbucks took over the world of cafes, young Londoners of late 50’s and early 60’s met in places like these.

(via bblinks)

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  1. Love this video! Thanks for sharing. Now it’s time for some coffee!

  2. Wish I was born in the 50’s. Beautiful clip!

  3. There is nothing like a hot steaming cup of Swiss Miss down the throat in the morning…..goodbye Mr. Coffee

  4. That was excellent. Thank you! Aw, bless the gent in the Christmas jumper trying to fit in at Le Macabre, though…

  5. thank you sooo much for posting this! what a gem. i’ve lived in London since 1985 and can tell you that tho Soho has changed somewhat the good ol’ Stockpot still exists, the French House is now a pub (with no music, no television and no mobile phones allowed – so its a haven!) but sadly Le Macabre on Wardour Street is no more…i think its time to re-instate it! absolutely brilliant. thank you! Sam

  6. I don’t know why so many people claim the Macabre was on Wardour St – must be bloody foreigners, eh? It was at 23 Meard Street to be precise!
    And why is Les Enfants Terribles at 93 Dean St hardly ever mentioned? It was one of the earliest espresso cafés.