Puzzle Playhouse

This modular playhouse is all kinds of fantastic. Especially when you live in NYC sized apartments. I am all for kids stuff that folds down. YES!


(Thank you Natalia)

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  1. LOVE this. Like you said, perfect for NYC apartments and that is something we are still adjusting to.

  2. Can we talk about how large her petticoat is in the second photo? Wow.

  3. @Erin, that made me laugh.

  4. I love that you can peek inside from above! :)

  5. so where do we get one of these??
    (erin- hilarious)

  6. Love this one, we had a carton one and it also folds very easily, it is from the brand kidsonroof.com and can also be decorated.

  7. Talking about folding and unfolding kid’s stuff (we talk about the petticoat later Erin !! ; )
    Today I discovered this chair for kids http://www.fluxfurniture.com, they also have a model for adults.
    Loved the concept and the colors.

  8. another amazing product in wood. But a playhouse for $650? Even hardcore Waldorf families would have to pause at that price.

  9. The ‘petticoat’ is actually good old fashioned San Francisco wind blowing stirring up my dress on a sunny Autumn day. Glad you like the house!

    Yes, $650 may seem steep but is made in the USA, with the best USA manufactured plywood that is safe for toddlers and sustainable.

    I am working to get my prices down but it IS expensive to manufacture this way. Most other companies either use imported wood or manufacture over seas… even when claiming American made.

    Cheers, mamas!