Garage (aka Storage)

Whenever we go for a ride in the NYC suburbs I get a total kick out of seeing what people store in their garages. There is hardly ever a garage that actually can hold a car. Garages around here *always* end up being storage. We are talking crazy-packed-storage. I was laughing when I saw my daughter’s Fisher Price House Garage used the same way.

(This is a photo I took a year ago and shared on Instragram. Thank you Timehop for reminding me and making me smile.)

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  1. oh, mein fisherprice-haus… muss ich mir unbedingt für meine zwillinge von meinen eltern geben lassen.

  2. I used to cram my Fisher Price garage with extra stuff too! It was fun seeing how much you could get in with the door still being able to close.

  3. aaaah this one I played with when I was small and the good thing is I still keep it (well, my mom did) and my children play now with it ! So many memories…

  4. How true it is! Fortunately, there are storage devices that people can purchase that mount to the garage ceiling to help get the least-often used items up off the floor. There are also some great wall shelving solutions that can aid in solving the problem.

    Fredrick Getzschman II, Editor

  5. haha. nice. thanks for sharing time hop. i think i will LOVE it.

  6. I grew up with my Mom saying she was gonna “clean out the garage this month,” and my grandparents had a garage packed full of stuff, too, including an Impala Super Sport. It’s really wonderful to live in an urban space where storing things just isn’t an option.