Toast Bird Feeder

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this Toast Bird Feeder. Granted, I know nothing about birds. And some of you bird enthusiasts might tell me this totally doesn’t work, or might harm he birds. I just simply love the design/idea behind it.

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  1. Very, very clever…

  2. Keeps those pesky humans out of the bird feeder, too.

  3. Thanks for the feature. Cool blog!

  4. They do work, you see them sometimes in Belgium and The Netherlands

  5. That is incredible and so clever bird feeder. I hope that the birds will appreciate it.
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  6. Look up Suet Cakes Bird Feeder. It’s the same thing, only meant for bird seed, not toast :-D But those feeders would obviously fit toast perfectly!

  7. Last summer I observed a flock of birds feasting on the smorgasboard of bugs stuck to the radiator grills of cars in the parking lot in front of Whole Foods Grocery store. I laughed (very clever, these birds). Love your blog and you and (most of) those who comment here. Good attitudes go a long way – in the right direction.

  8. Unfortunately yes, soft bread does harm birds. They can’t digest it well, it get’s stuck in their crop.

  9. That is the most creative thing I have recently seen :D However it looks so brilliant and I just love it.
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  10. Smart and friendly