How Long Do Animals Live?

This is quite an impressive chart on animal longevity. Go turtles!

(via Maria)

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  1. Interesting that primates and humans were left off – last time I checked we were both animals/mammals

  2. so are moose and elk interchangeable?

  3. The human animal should have been included; would have made for an interesting comparison to the fellow creatures with which we share this planet.

  4. Look at how long a pearl muscle can live, and then consider how short it’s life is in a factory farmed situation.

    These molluscs are so poorly treated by the pearl industry, for financial gain, without any thought to the fact that they are sentient creatures.

    I agree that humans should, as mammals, be represented on the chart for a more inspiring perspective.

    All in all a great piece of work that would be perfect for any child, no matter how old.

  5. One theory is that some species never actually continue aging past the point of maturity.

  6. Nice chart, but they’re wrong about whales… bowheads are thought to get close to 200:

  7. isaac – What we call a moose in North America they call an elk in europe. Our North American elk has a very close relative in Europe they call the “red deer”.

  8. isaac – And yes, I believe elk and moose have similar lifespans. Moose are the largest members of the deer family and I believe the North American elk is second.

  9. According to, the Ocean Quahog clam is said to live for 405 years.

    The question is, is that how you want to live? LOL!

    I suppose the quest for immortality is the next step?

  10. Does that teach us something about speed of life again? The turtoise and the hare?

  11. so when do we die?

  12. You left off Cher @ 285 years…

  13. How come humans are not included in this List? Humans are animals too.