Musical Democracy

Anthm turns your iPhone into a futuristic, handheld jukebox. Launch the app, start a party then you and your friends can add music into one playlist. You can request from millions (yes, millions) of songs. No need to use your own library of music, Anthm will stream all the music for you straight from Rdio.

Take 30 seconds to watch this video to see how it works.

We will be giving this a try at our studio tomorrow. Thanks for the find, Jonnie!

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  1. Pretty much like Spotify?

  2. But really -It’s music that controls people (;

  3. I was thinking the same thing as ChliiTierChnübler.
    I hope you’ve discovered Spotify!

  4. Spotify doesn’t allow you to create a group playlist and your friends can vote on songs that will be played next. This is so much more than Spotify. Anthm is planning on adding Spotify integration too!

  5. Great find! Giving the app a try now.

    Maybe a version for Spotify users isn’t a bad idea, but I tried it and it just doesn’t feel the same as Rdio. Plus, Rdio has a lot more of the music I’m looking for. Spotify just doesn’t cut it for me. (I praised Rdio on my blog back in June:

    If I can get internet at the venue for my wedding this summer, using Anthm could be an awesome way for people to choose what they want to hear. I’m getting ideas now!! :D