A Google Alert has pointed me to a blog called Playgroundology, and I am fascinated. A blog entirely dedicated to the world of playgrounds? Yes, please! Being a parent of small children I spend an awful lot of time on them and often wonder how they could be improved. Whenever I am traveling to other countries I am amazed at the differences in playground planning and thinking.

The Woodland Discovery Playground looks like quite a magical place.

Swings that create music?

And I couldn’t help but laugh while watching the above clip of a an adventure playground scene in the British documentary Seven Up. I would have thought it’s more of a construction site, compared to sterile-cookie-cutter-über-safe NYC playgrounds.

And then of course, there’s the Playground Papa classic. Made me laugh:

So, if you are like me, interested in all things Playgrounds, make sure to check out Playgroundology.

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  1. In place that are REALLY COLD, like Minnesota. There are indoor playgrounds.

  2. and don´t miss this playground:

  3. There is also this blog about playgrounds:

  4. Hi Tina SwissMiss – great to say hello. I love your site. First came across it at the very beginnings of PlayGroundology in early 2010 when you featured the swing necklace from a Paris designer.

    Thanks for your post – it has resulted in a spike of traffic, some new readers and a few people sending some of their playground finds. They will be great to share with readers.

    I’d love to have you as a guest post at any time if you have something play or playground related that you’d like to share.

    Once again, many thanks for your warm and generous review of PlayGroundology. Follow us @PlayGroundology

  5. The woodland discovery playground IS pretty magical. Our kids absolutely love it. By the way, it was designed by Field Operations and is the first phase to be built of a master plan they did for the park here in Memphis.
    If you’re ever in town you should definitely check it out.

    By the way, I love your site!