Sense of Commonality

“Work only for people you like. A sense of commonality is essential. Without that, disaster.”
— Milton Glaser

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  1. We find comfort among those who agree with us – growth among those who don’t.
    ~Frank A. Clark

    I think comfort is good…when in moderation.

  2. I guess I should also say – some people I *like* to work with are not people I’d necessarily hang out with after work, but are favorite and respected critics.
    I guess it’s all about a good mix of folks. It takes a lot of different people to make the world go ’round…

  3. you right on that one
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  4. This is surely a nice saying and I find many renown designers saying things along these lines but I can’t help feeling they can afford to pick, choose and toss away and I only wish I had this freedom (or a rich husband, I guess).

  5. I’ve learned two big lessons over the years, and they are; to be able to discern within 10 seconds over the phone to recognize pita (pain in the butt) customers, and that while sometimes you may make enough money from them while not spending too much time dealing with them such that they become unprofitable, often enough they are a time and energy suck to the point that if times are good, I will decline them as clients.