The Scale of the Universe

My sister pointed me to the Scale of the Univserse by Cary Huang. Definitely impressive to see scale proportions visualized like that. (But the illustration snob in me admits I’d see these illustrations done by someone like Julia Rothman)

(thanks Charlotte)

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  1. It’s pretty awesome when you think that it’s done by two 14 year old boys:)

  2. Amazing!!! And I love the sound of it. Cant go out :) And I do not know why, but love to go through very quickly, from the Observable Universe till Quantum Foam.


  3. A voyage from my seat!

    Love stars, love nanotechnology, love nature, love architecture, love people and love to see and learn all manner of things…this does all these and more!

    Also what an introduction to Julia Rothman’s work – original, wondrous, artistic, logo-istic and fantasy made.

    Well done!
    What a wonderful world!
    Happy travels,

  4. It reminded me of a nikon site called univescale from a few years ago.

    I scrolls from the largest to the smallest in a nice monochrome scheme

  5. Si le das el máximo zoom out y luego haces zoom in rápidamente es como el opening de The Big Bang Theory xD