Toca House

I had the honor to meet Toca Boca co-founder Björn Jeffery yesterday. If you have little children and don’t know about Toca Boca listen up: They make the most amazing, well designed and fun iPhone and iPad games for children. My kids (and myself) are obsessed with them. My favorite is the Toca Hair Salon. My son’s current favorite is the Toca Kitchen and my daughter can’t stop playing with the Toca Store.

During our meeting yesterday Björn gave me a sneak peek of their latest game Toca House which is supposed to be ready at the end of this month. It’s going to get the kids excited about cleaning! YES!

Congrats to the folks over at Toca Boca for having created a brand that I love and don’t think twice about downloading new apps.

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  1. My daughter loves the Toca Tea Party and of course I play as well. We have them all and it is absolutely true, they are different, fantastic games for kids !

  2. I didn’t know it :))) I think jaime is going to love this! thanks ;)

  3. I agree. They are the best. Amalia loves the Toca hair salon in particular.