Milton Glaser inspired Birthday Cake

The above Milton Glaser inspired cake had me speechless a few weeks ago, while attending Holden’s 2nd birthday. Does it get any more awesome than this? I don’t think so.

My friends Matthew and Lori, Holden’s parents, made a 3D rendering (!) to make sure the folks at Betty Bakery know exactly what the cake should look like. Oh, you, graphic designer parents. Gotta love it! In case you don’t know what poster they are referencing, here you go.

For my next birthday, I want this cake.

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  1. Lovely cake, no doubt, but…really? Is that cake for Holden, or for his parents? Probably would have been more thoughtful to give that cake to one of the design-obsessed parents, and give the kid a cake actually has something to do with whatever he’s into for HIS birthday.

  2. @Joe, well, you’re wrong. Holden was ridiculously excited about this cake…

  3. He’s got the same ukulele as me!

  4. @swissmiss well, that’s because Holden is two and it’s a cake. Joe is 100% right. While the cake is really amazing, it was clearly made for the parents.

    However, I’m sure in 14-16 years when Holden understands who Milton Glaser is, he’ll look back on his second birthday and appreciate it.

  5. @Joe, you know what Holden’s probably into at 2 years old? Cake. Whether it has Lightning McQueen on it or a Milton Glaser design, his thought process probably went something like “Does it taste good? Check. Am I allowed to smash it in my face and possibly throw it at my friends? Check. Is everybody at this party because of me? Check. AWESOME!!!!”
    Two thumbs up, Holden’s parents.

  6. Wow a child who is into Milton Glaser. Most boys his age I know are obsessed with dinosaurs or the cartoon du jour. Neat. And a beautiful cake.

  7. Love this! Love Milton and love Dylan, a recipe fit for a cake.
    We got Milton Glaser to design our 4th birthday poster, see it her:

  8. That’s really sad that people underestimate children. I really resented it when I was a toddler, and I remember those who didn’t.

  9. That is an awesome cake!! And we can’t jump to conclusions about the parents being obsessed designers (what’s wrong with that in the first place?) but what if the kid was a huge fan of Bob Dylan, isn’t that what the picture actually represents, 1 of Milton’s posters for Bob Dylan :)
    Summer <3

  10. I think children should be made to listen to Bob Dylan as early as possible whether they like it or not. The man is a genius. And it is better than them listening to Gangsta Rap!

  11. This is pretentious. This was obviously for the parent’s ego, and for bragging rights at a party that was probably filled with more of their graphic designer friends than Holden’s friends. I am a graphic designer, and my parents are graphic designers, and when I was a kid I ate cakes that looked like fishes and school buses and star wars and army men.

  12. They’re never too young to learn about Milton. Or Bob. And designers are far from the only parents guilty of projecting their own egos through their children. Ever been to a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding?

    A comedian once said that you should never give a kid a birthday party until they’re five because they’ll never remember them. He said you should just photoshop the 4 prior birthdays and show them the pictures when they’re older.

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