Stem / Citrus Spritzer

Stem, released yesterday, is a citrus spritzer designed and developed by Quirky’s online community. It enables you to evenly spray juice directly from a citrus fruit. This just seems too good to be true. Really, this things works?

Stem, $4.99

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  1. This sounds great but I won’t order it until they offer less shipping than $8.99!!!

  2. Looks a little photoshopped.

  3. great:))) i love so parfume:))very natural

  4. Definitely some photoshop work going on.

  5. At Campo dei Fiori market in Rome this past Thanksgiving, we found a similar device. After piercing the lemon with it, the juice pools into a small chamber, used for storing as well as pouring.

  6. April Fools’ Day??

  7. It’s real. My good friend Tim invented it. I’m super excited for him… his photo is even on the packaging.