The Inverted Bike Shop

(via Coudal)

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  1. Good luck with this it looks magical,price may be a issue for most cash strapped people though.

  2. Nice to allow the folks buying the thing to participate in building it. I’d imagine the appreciate level is higher and communion with the product is as well. Plus…you’re selling the experience, not just the product.

    hmmm…reminds of a story by NPR’s Planet money: Basically…it’s all about custom, crafted good – that’s where the competitive advantage is…

    A Revival In American Manufacturing, Led By Brooklyn Foodies

  3. Tina, we’re thrilled to see the Inverted Bike Shop on Swiss Miss. I’m the co-founder of Show Love (and as the founder of, a long time fan of yours too) . Check out more of our stories of soulful companies on I highly recommend, for example, “Yoko Furusho: Live in Barcelona”.


    Chauncey Zalkin (& Peter Crosby, my partner and the filmmaker, editor of the 718 Cyclery piece!)

  4. Kern your sign!

  5. love this video.

    I watched it and couldn’t stop thinking about it all day – liked the way it was shot, liked the mentality of the business, loved the simplicity of the bike that was being put together… just love it. period.

  6. Thank you all for your kind posts

    Joe Nocella, 718 Cyclery

  7. Great idea. While they don’t actually make the shoes, this reminds me of going into Marathon Sports in Cambridge, MA to shop for running shoes. They watch you walk, check your gate and suggest shoes.

    I’m more of a cyclist than a runner and for a long time my bikes have been customized to on degree or another, so this concept really appeals to me.

    I’d love to visit the shop next time I’m in NY.

    Good luck with it.

  8. This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen!


  9. Wonderful video. Anything that brings us back to our roots of hard labor and quality craftsmanship is what we need most. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. kind of pretentious Mr Bicycle repair man

  11. actually, it’s the opposite