Abstract City

This is one of the many wonderful illustrations you can find in Christoph Niemann’s latest book called Abstract City, a collection of visual essays. If you’re as much of a fan of Christoph’s as I am, you might enjoy his humorous CreativeMornings talk.

(via explore)

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  1. ha i defiantly need to work on that 5%

  2. agree^^^

    The internet seems like a good place for inspiration, and it can be. But I highly doubt facebook is helping me brain storm.

    I’m definitely going to have to check out this book.

  3. I also agree totally about the 5% issue – true!

  4. Great illustration!
    And as by my experience, this one is really true. You have to put a lot of effort into an idea to make it great.

  5. this is hilarious! but definitely great & realistic as to how things happen.

  6. what exactly are we calling a “great” idea? lots of effort doesn’t make an idea great.

  7. Yup! That 5% is my worst enemy! :-)

  8. the creative flow is really work. the distractions manyfold and the urge to fall to the lures of the “5%” is so great. i really fel to the easy way of consumption instead of the hard work of creation. but i stem againt it. i … work … on … myself

  9. And what part does your Elderscroll: Skyrim addiction fall under?