Being Elmo

On my flight back from SF last saturday I watched the incredibly moving documentary Being Elmo. It was touching for several reasons, but I must say, it definitely hit home from a parent’s perspective. I truly hope I’ll be able to nurture and respect my kids’ interests and talents as much as Kevin Clash’s parents did. Kevin knew he wanted to become a puppeteer as a kid and his parents let him follow his dream. Here’s the trailer:

(Thank you Rusty)

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  1. i watched this last night – so great!

  2. I caught the bulk of it last night as well– very nice indeed!

  3. I am in awe of Kevin’s clear vision of what he wanted to do in life. So good to watch.

  4. Why is this not available on Netflix yet??

  5. This guy is really one of the World’s great talents.

  6. I’ve watched this twice, already, and am STILL inspired. To me, Kevin’s story is the ultimate triumph of the “quiet kid.” His success did come from risk and massive amounts of determination, but it is so refreshing that he was essentially a shy boy with an enormous passion. Simply stunning.

  7. Truly inspiring!!, I was having a long and busy day at my office, and this trailer was exactly what I needed to hear and see to keep me motivated for the rest of the day, thank you!