Charlie and the Seal

Oh my, my job seems quite boring and ordinary after watching this video of Charlie Bird meeting seals while travelling through Antarctica.

(via thekidshouldseethis)

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  1. heart-warming and amazing!

  2. itchy head @1:11

  3. It was fun to see my two lives come together on your blog today!! I am a graphic designer in one life and follow your blog regularly. In my other life, I just finished my Ph.D. studying elephant seal migration. :)

  4. Utterly beautiful. An extraordinary man in tune with nature. :-)

  5. Oh my God, this is just… amazing and heart warming!!

  6. I never thought I’d see Charlie Bird making an appearance here :)
    He used to be one of those “on-location” reporters for the evening news back in the day.

  7. Oh this looks like so much fun! I could really hang out with big, soft cuddly seals on a daily basis. We could make a pile :’)

  8. Ah! This makes me so happy. I’m going to watch it five times in a row.